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The countdown begins for Expo 2020 in Dubai

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This becomes official with the imminent opening of Expo 2017 Astan

In its pursuit of human progress, the UAE has always participated in initiatives aimed at global economic development. Our country was hard-wired at its inception to forge partnerships beyond its borders; it was the legacy our founding fathers left for us.

Our commitment to fostering a range of international collaborations springs from that legacy, which values global citizenship as an integral part of nation building.

When it comes to positive economic and cultural impact, few global events can rival the International Expo. Expos bring together governments, the private sector, international organisations, civil society, and the general public. They set the scene for meaningful diplomatic encounters, business meetings and public dialogue.

They aim to shed light on the most pressing global issues. Most importantly, they can galvanise positive change, improve infrastructure, generate direct and indirect employment, and create a host of international investment opportunities.

As the world heads to the Kazakh capital for Expo 2017 Astana under the theme “Future Energy”, the Central Asian republic is poised to reaffirm its global role in sustainable energy, while expediting its development on multiple fronts. Kazakhstan is the first Central Asian country to host the event since world expos began in 1851.

The Expo 2017 Astana will highlight technologies for sourcing energy from renewables — such as wind and solar power — a focus area that aligns with the UAE strategy for energy diversification. Exposure to new ideas

We have participated in Expos since the 1970s and benefited greatly from the people-to-people contacts, exposure to new ideas and opportunities that Expos bring. The UAE Pavilion at Expo 2017 Astana has been designed to illustrate the UAE lifestyle, traditions and values. It employs immersive technology to create an interactive experience that engages its visitors and explores the future of the energy sector.

It traces the history of the UAE’s energy leadership from its origins as a critical source of hydrocarbons to becoming a centre of gravity for all forms of energy, including renewables and nuclear power.

It showcases a wide range of projects in the UAE, including a variety of sustainable initiatives that address the challenges of meeting the world’s energy needs, particularly in developing countries.

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Obama: UAE and US can learn from each other



Fourth edition will end on February 10 in Dubai

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Mohammed opens Museum of Future

Sheikh Mohammad Maktoum Dubai


Museum focuses on shaping future of robotics

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New tower on the banks of Dubai Creek to reflect both Islamic and modern architecture

Sheikh Mohammad Dubai emaar

Shaikh Mohammad described the tower as a unique architectural masterpiece on a par with Burj Khalifa and Eiffel Tower

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US President Barack Obama to keynote Dubai's World Government Summit


Presdient Obama-Dubai


Fourth edition of the World Government Summit will be held from February 8 to 10 in Dubai.

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